Typical Types of Loft Conversions in London

Typical Types of Loft Conversions in London

There are four main types of loft conversions. Which one is the most suitable for your loft conversion will depend on many factors such as the design of your existing roof, your budget, planning restrictions and your own personal needs.

  1. Mansard Loft
  2. Dormer Loft
  3. Hip to Gable Loft
  4. Velux Loft

Mansard Loft Conversions

Mansard Loft Conversion

  • High cost.

  • Can be tricky to install.

  • Planning permission is always required.

A Mansard Loft Conversion is designed to change one of the sloping sides of your roof usually the one at the rear of the property a much steeper slope of 72 degrees. Mansard Loft ConversionThe front of a Mansard conversion normally slopes inwards with windows housed in small dormers in-keeping with the character of your house. This type conversion is normally applies to older terraced properties; however it is also used for flat roof properties or houses which fall within a conservation area.

This type of conversion will give you the maximum amount of space in your loft however it does have a downside. Mansard conversion requires replacing the entire roof and as a result the constructions costs will be high. Planning permission is likely to be required with such a conversion. Unless original roof was built in this style, it is quite unusual to see this type of conversion.

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Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversion

  • Medium costs

  • Can be tricky to install.

  • Planning permission is sometimes required.

A dormer is an extension to the existing roof, allowing for additional floor space and headroom within the loft conversion. Dormer conversions can be positioned on the front, side or rear of your roof and can be built in a variety of styles. Rear dormers are the most popular and can be added to most terraced and semi-detached houses, often without planning permission.

A dormer loft conversion has a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls compared to the normal diagonal sides of a conversion. In lofts with limited space or headroom a dormer conversion will provide additional space that can make a loft feasible.Dormer Loft Conversions Example - Outside View

Comparing with Velux conversion Dormers will take longer to build due to the exterior work which will require scaffolding and extra time to construct the new extension to the roof. They can be built in few styles: with a flat roof, gable front or with a hipped roof. The choice depends on the style of the existing property and how attractive the owner wishes the desired finish to be.

In general, Flat roof dormer tends to give the maximum amount of additional internal space; however its exterior design doesn’t look as attractive. Gable fronted and hipped roof dormers look more attractive but often they do not give as much internal space and will cost more to build due the extra complexity.

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Hip-To Gable Conversions

Gable Loft Conversion

  • High costs.

  • Tricky to install

  • Planning permission is always required

A hip to gable conversion requires major changes to the roof. This type of Loft Conversion replaces the existing roof hip (the sloping side at the end of the property) with a gable end wall. Generally, houses with hip roofs tend to not have enough internal volume for a conversion to be practical so a hip to gable conversion is the best option.

A hip to gable conversion changes the outline of the roof so planning permission most likely will be required. You will need to verify if the conversion falls within your permitted development allowance.Gable Loft ConversionOnce the roof has been extended the conversion is typically carried out with a Velux loft and therefore requires suitable headroom to make it practical. It also could be done in conjunction with a Dormer.

Forming a gable wall above the existing side flank wall creates a more natural looking addition to your house and by matching the existing roof tiles it can look as if the property washes never been altered. Hip to gabble conversion will create more space than a standard dormer conversion, potentially housing two new rooms and a bathroom – creating more standing space and space for the staircase to be fitted.

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Velux Loft Conversions

Velux Loft Conversion

  • Low cost.

  • Easy installation.

  • No planning permission required

Velux and Roof light conversions are the same. VELUX loft conversion allows you to convert your existing loft space without changing the roofline of your house. Using the pitch of your roof, VELUX roof lights are installed between the existing rafters. This type of conversion is generally very cost effective and does not normally need planning permission.

VELUX windows are installed to fit flush with the line of the roof leaving the existing roof structure untouched.Velux Loft ConversionThis type of loft conversion does not require extensive alterations to the roof and as a result it keeps the cost of the conversion down. Planning permission is not normally required as the loft is not extended beyond the original roof line, however you should still check with your local planning department before taking any action.

For lofts where there is a good amount of headroom or there are constraints on planning, a VELUX loft conversion might be the best option. If headroom is going to be limited then a dormer or mansard conversion types could be a better choice.

You get more light through a VELUX roof window than a through a vertical window. This is great during the day as it will give you a light and airy room. However it can become a problem at night or in the hot summer. Window blinds are available from various sources and you can not only control the amount of light a room receives, but its direction and quality too.

Each style of blind has a specific purpose, whether you’re looking to soften the light or even block it out completely. You can even get blinds that have a thermal silver backing, great for retaining heat in the winter and keeping it out in the summer.

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